Improving your environment inside and out, Ecotest provide the best possible ventilation and air tightness strategy for your project. We recognise that each is unique and requires a bespoke solution, producing improvements in the quality of the air you breathe and the energy efficiency of your building fabric.

“What sets Murton & Co apart is their expertise and collaborative approach.”

Developing our relationship with Murton & Co has been a truly enjoyable experience! Their team is not only knowledgeable and skilled, but they go above and beyond to support their clients. They are a true asset to the energy efficiency industry and always strive to improve and innovate. What sets Murton & Co apart is their expertise and collaborative approach. The team take time to explain, provide solutions and their commitment to excellence is evident in everything they do. We have worked closely with Murton & Co to support our shared clients, including a live face time during an air tightness test, which allowed us to investigate building details and ensure a successful outcome for our client. Ecotest feel lucky to have a fantastic partner in Murton & Co and highly recommend them to anyone in need of their services.

Contact details

Elmhurst Ventilation Scheme Member (EVS)
Elmhurst Air Tightness Testing Scheme Member (EAS)
Zehnder Service Partner
Founding member of the Independent Air Tightness Testing Scheme (iATS) – Now EAS

Main services:

Air Tightness Testing
Extract Fan Flow Rate Testing
Ventilation Commissioning (MEV/MVHR)
End-to-end Ventilation Solutions

Main sectors:

Regional property developers
Property renovators


With our in-house team and 10+ years of experience, we can offer services such as detail-focused topographical surveys for architects or energy efficiency modals for property developers.


With energy costs rising, homeowners want to make sure their properties are energy efficient to save money and the planet.


Murton & Co. make it as easy for you as possible to get your property on the market, as fast as possible.

Public Sector

With energy costs rising and a lot of focus on green energy targets, public organisations need energy efficient solutions to help them meet demanding targets.