After nine and a half years we decided to refresh our branding to better reflect our core values and position in the marketplace. What better time than our ten year anniversary, and the beginning of a new decade. We started working with Creative Lakes at the beginning of 2020 to develop our marketing strategy and have been busy developing and refining this during the current lockdown.

The current economic climate has presented an opportunity to reset and reinvent our strategy and purpose. The new logo demonstrates a clear long-term vision as well as being part of the bigger marketing strategy to further elevate Murton & Co in the marketplace.


We are blessed with loyal clients who not only keep us busy with repeat instructions but have also been a source of referrals from which we have gained new business thanks to the value they receive from our services. We have a reputation for honesty, integrity and knowledge which we wanted to reflect in the new branding.

The original tagline ‘Chartered Surveyors’ didn’t really represent the work we do. Whilst Murton & Co is regulated by the RICS, the services we deliver are not immediately seen as just those which a Chartered Surveyor would undertake. We will retain our association and regulation with the RICS but felt that we had matured for our brand to stand on its own two feet so to speak.

The brief we gave to Creative Lakes was to introduce a new house style that reflects our core values, culture and the personalities of Jonny and Caroline as the business owners.

Creative Lakes took time to understand our business and approached a number of our clients to develop case studies. They also asked our clients “what word would you use to describe Murton & Co”. It was heartening to receive responses like ‘knowledgeable’, ‘efficient’, ‘committed’, ‘approachable’, ‘diligent’, ‘thorough’ and ‘an absolute pleasure to work with’ (ok that was more than one word, but I had to include it).

Over the last 10 years, our offering and expertise has evolved into more than just providing EPCs. We work closely with a range of clients including architects, developers, investors, local authorities and self-builders. Our expertise is being able to solve problems, taking complex issues and delivering workable solutions. The majority of our work focuses on energy performance, sustainability and compliance. Our experience and knowledge of the property industry enables us to provide advice on Building Regulations and Energy Assessments, aligning our purpose with Goal 7 of the UN Sustainable Development Goals; ensure access to affordable, reliable, sustainable and modern energy for all.

We have also developed a seven step process which we have called EDIFICE. This is essentially an end to end process that delivers value and cost savings.


The ampersand is the dominant symbol which doubles up as the ident to represent Murton & Co as being a connector, building relationships and to represent the golden thread in our process.

When it came to a tagline, we considered several different options and finally agreed on ‘Building Performance’. The thought process was that ‘building’ is both a noun (property) as well as a verb (action / activity, building projects, investments, portfolios, etc) and ‘performance’ links to reports & surveys but is also positive and forward-thinking. This incorporates the forward planning nature of the business and services offered.

There was a lot of discussion with the font. Out of the various options the chosen version delivered a stronger and more balanced image. We also felt that it reflected Murton & Co as being established in the marketplace whilst retaining a modern edge.

The colour palette was also something that took a little getting used to. The ampersand had to be a golden colour to tie in with our EDIFICE model and teal was selected as a complementary colour for the text whilst also being sophisticated and corporate.

We are excited to roll out the new branding over the months and years ahead. Watch this space.

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