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Energy efficient homes for yourselves and the planet

Did you know that the average Energy Performance Certificate (EPC) rating in the UK is D? That means that a lot of homeowners are paying more than they need to be on heating their homes.

With energy costs rising, homeowners want to make sure their properties are energy efficient to save money and the planet. They also need any improvements to be cost-effective. If building from scratch or renovating, clients are wanting things to run smoothly to be able to move into their energy efficient homes with as few setbacks as possible.

At Murton & Co. we usually see clients before, during or after the project has started. We can help at every stage or all of them depending on your requirements.

Before – if you are building from scratch or doing a remodel of an existing structure we offer a range of surveys to help you get through the planning stages. This can often feel the most daunting of tasks as your project is in the hands of the authorities. We have gone through this stage successfully a countless number of times and will be on hand to support you. Additionally, we are available to oversee these steps to get ahead of problems if they arise, making them quicker to resolve.

During – once you have the go-ahead, building work can commence. At this stage, we can advise on energy systems, i.e. air and heat sources, to ensure that when your project is signed off, your energy ratings will be the best they can be. The great thing is that we will work alongside you to be ready at every stage. This saves you time and costs because you don’t have to wait and delay aspects of the build to wait for a form or box to be ticked. We ensure that throughout the build, everything is compliant, done properly and to a high standard.

After – now that your project is built you will need certificates. We can offer these as stand-alone items or if we were with you from previous stages, we would already have the majority of the information required so that is a huge bonus. We will get you living in your new home much quicker.

Collaborating with us at any stage of your project will take a load of stress off your shoulders. We understand that you want to reduce your carbon footprint or your running costs and at the same time add real value to your lives and your property.

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With so much talk around carbon footprints and sustainability, it’s a great time to be an architect or developer. If the aim is a zero-carbon building we come with energy efficiency ideas as standard! You’ll be pleasantly surprised with what the market has to offer – technology has certainly advanced and continues to do so.

We offer energy assessments so you can get to know where you’re losing money through things like heat loss and therefore learn where to aim to improve the energy performance of the property. We can then go a step further and offer solutions that can be implemented to achieve the desired energy performance score.

Under One Roof

By having your design, surveys and compliance needs all met by Murton & Co. you’re giving yourself a fighting start to avoid costly delays. Getting us on board in the early stages allows your surveyor to oversee the entirety of the project to ensure targets are met and no time is wasted fixing any past mistakes.


Murton & Co specialise in the energy performance of buildings, with considerable experience and knowledge of Part L Building Regulations (England), Section 6 Building Standards (Scotland) and Part F Building Regulations (Northern Ireland).

We help you achieve full compliance, whether you’re aiming to meet minimum standards set out in Building Regulations or create a zero-carbon building. And we’ll help you choose the most efficient and economically viable building fabric.


Your Murton & Co assessor will first perform a thorough and accurate measured survey. They will gather information – such as the build date, building fabric, insulation, efficiencies of heating and air conditioning systems, hot water and lighting – then use it to calculate your energy efficiency rating and produce the certificate.

Measured surveys

Murton & Co provide accurate as-built plans along with measured plans – including floor plans, elevations and section drawings – for existing buildings. These can be delivered in either CAD or PDF formats, or as a hard copy. You’ll need a measured survey for anything from designing alterations and property valuation to lease plans and land registry compliance.

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