Building Regulations compliance – SBEM & SAP

Murton & Co specialise in the energy performance of buildings, with considerable experience and knowledge of Part L Building Regulations (England), Section 6 Building Standards (Scotland) and Part F Building Regulations (Northern Ireland).

We help you achieve full compliance, whether you’re aiming to meet minimum standards set out in Building Regulations or create a zero-carbon building. And we’ll help you choose the most efficient and economically viable building fabric. You should consider Murton & Co as part of your design team. Bring us in at the early stages, and your surveyor will be on hand to advise throughout the duration of a project. Not only does this guarantee your targets are met, but you’ll avoid any costly delays that might result from non-compliance. We understand that things change as your project develops, so it is useful to have an expert assess any design or specification for compliance before issuing for construction.

For several years now, building standards relating to energy use and heat loss have undergone stringent revisions. As governments move to reduce carbon emission even further, this will only intensify.

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What happens next?

  1. Initial conversation to understand client’s compliance goals.
  2. Client provides drawings of the development (floor plans, elevations and sections) together with indicative construction specification. We then submit a fee proposal.
  3. Following formal instruction, we may attend a design team meeting if necessary
  4. Undertake design-stage calculations and provide written report with a build cost estimate. Client is then able to obtain costs for the development.
  5. Start on site.
  6. If changes to the specification are requested, we re-run the calculations to check impact on compliance before issuing for construction.
  7. Shortly before practical completion, carry out final calculations checks and register the EPC.
  8. Client submits reports to Building Control Body with package of information for Completion Notice. Once issued, building is ready for occupation.


With our in-house team and 10+ years of experience, we can offer services such as detail-focused topographical surveys for architects or energy efficiency modals for property developers.


With energy costs rising, homeowners want to make sure their properties are energy efficient to save money and the planet.


Murton & Co. make it as easy for you as possible to get your property on the market, as fast as possible.

Public Sector

With energy costs rising and a lot of focus on green energy targets, public organisations need energy efficient solutions to help them meet demanding targets.